This year, the anniversary of Bastille Day will be on a Thursday! Even though the party is called BERLIN, on the 14th we celebrate France! 🇫🇷

Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin!

Remember that time when Catholics and Protestants killed each other for like 30 years? Of course, there were other factors involved, but I still remember being in European History class and wondering wtf?!

Tunes Like These

On a recent Friday, we had the pleasure of co-hosting an event. People enjoyed hearing the innovative sound of Hanegi Koen and…

This is the way, step inside…

While I had heard the usual hits on the radio or wherever I remember putting the CD into my car stereo as a late teen. I was planning to…

Golden Week

We struck gold with two Thursdays this Golden Week: 4/28 (the day before a holiday) and 5/05 (a holiday)!
And for these special events, we have mined some musical ore for your ear!


We have been keeping quiet recently, but for October we will be bringing back the live music and energy. And it will be on the darker side this time as it’s the proper way to go this month. In addition to the live band/s we will have DJs playing a mix of techno, disco, house, indie, and more. FREE entrance!!!

Gesundheit !

LAIDBACK CX – NO MONDAI (prod. kwai) Facebook-f Instagram A / あ LAIDBACK CX – NO MONDAI (prod. kwai) Facebook-f Instagram Das Party Vorspiel Gesundheit ! Oh shit, who sneezed ? That’s what it’s been like in 2020. It’s been an unfortunate time for many that’s for sure. And just to think, our Partyvorspiel report […]

The Seven Year Kitsch!

Seven years! Unglaublich! We started this party with the intent of making Thursday great again and opening up Tokyo to a different kind of party.