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Das Party Vorspiel

The Years! This year, that year, all the years are sneaking by like a stealthy Stazi agent! I know that it would be untrue if I were to say that we couldn’t get much higher tension over the years and that they weren’t filled with the sound of music especially this waning year of 2019. An eventful year it was…care to read on? (if not, then just scroll down to the bottom to find out the details for Friday 12/13)

Starting from the top! In January with Calvinclone’s experimental and theatric live perfomance, a reprise by Saki, Lucas’ galactic journey, and Yushka, a veteran from the Alte Schule, with her Berlin finale, wir haben die Sau rausgelassen and set the stage to kick out the jams in 2019!

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Berlin was the theme for February as it was our the 6th anniversary. Entrada had just reunited and enter our body and mind they did! The DJs made it a festive night: Alejandro was back in black in Tokyo and newcomer to Berlin, Eureka, struck gold. And you know Nils burnt down the house and by the end of the night, many, many libations were had!

The March event was on a holiday (it took me a while in Japan to realize that it was 春分の日 and not 新聞の日 笑!). RedBedRock lit up the stage with their high energy and musical prowess. Also Kayne, from Aus, was back to visit possessing some fresh techno wax. That night was my first time to hear Good People’s Club, Jordan’s pick, and it was easy to proclaim him a victor of the Technoburg Forest!

April was the じゃあね Jordan event we were all NOT waiting for. In spite of that, we had a special, vocal-looping, performance from solo artist SHOKO. It was a enchanting experience. As for the DJs that night, we kept it to a close circle of friends paying tribute to Jordan. Everyone was on point! It could have been a teary teary night, but there was no saline water in the River Jordan that night, nor in any other bodies of water, for his strong will and determination was inspiring to everyone around him. In the end, it was a memorable night!

May was different – no Jordan and also no band that night; however in lieu of those, it was Nils’ unexpected, but well received, reunion with what we started years ago! And he came back with a passion! Plus a supreme line up with John Meian, Kevin House, Aoi, and FLED fueled the night letting us know that near, far, wherever we are, the Berlin heart goes on! John Meian from Germany, his time with us at Berlin, has got an excellent collection of music to stimulate the crowd; Aoi has an impeccable sense of style and flow. She is also behind the scenes on the music scene and making her own event; Kevin was one of our first DJs way back in the Beatcafe days and plays some fine discopunk; and FLED is making waves these days, not only because of his smooth and alluring mixes, but also due to his relentless drive to contribute to the music and club scene in Tokyo.

June was possibly the best night of the whole year (I can’t speak so soon cuz Friday the 13th of December is coming soon!) showcasing an impressive performance from TOKYO groove jyoshi and a surprise show of Entrada as their doors-closing ceremony. TGJ had the funk in the trunk and mesmerized us with their skills. The air was absolutely electric! I am Jesse was the DJ conductor on that evening carrying his bags of tricks and repertoire of solid tracks spanning the decades. Next Entrada played their hearts out – a palette of emotions was palpable throughout. They had Ruby Tuesday wishing it were Ruby Thursday! Nils put the cherry on top by doing his thing behind the booth and playing another potent set.

July: another double whammy consisting of Bohrmaschine and Eyelash! It was a night to be proud of, for I felt like it was the essence of what our party is about: talented artists and interesting people, all walks of life, coming together for music, for something different; embracing the night and even taking a walk on the dark side. The music was top notch all around. DJ M. Shogi traveling from abroad and the dynamic duo of Good People’s Club and D’Angelis played some serious bass beats and energizing sounds. Eyelash, a meld of punk and synth, enraptured us while creating a feeling reminiscent of the old CBGB club. Bohrmaschine played a wicked live set that tickled the psyche. It’s fascinating to watch live modular synth sets and to feel the hypnotic drone. The drill is good!

August conjured the dead souls to join us in jubilation. The mise-en-scène was set by the ethereal sounds of Strip Joint. It’s as if this group embodies the old souls. Can’t wait to have them again! Riku, their DJ friend, and Rheinkalk, from Bohrmaschine, summoned the underworld techno vibrations and cohesively maintained the full tilt party fun. It was pleasing to see so many different kinds of people and nationalities, some quite young and some quite old, enjoying the night together.

September we had Ezypt back and they brought the sexy back with them too! There were many visitors in Tokyo at the party, so they could get a taste of the unique Japanese bands you can find in Tokyo. Everyone enjoyed the band’s stage presence and their loyal fans danced and sang in unison with Pharoah and Patra. Positive energy filled the room. We had Alex, a DJ from Germany that night, who came armed with techno tracks new and old to spin. Remy took us on a fantastic disco voyage and Yume demonstrated her quality taste in music and adept ability to form the mood in the room.

October was another good one. On that night, another Alex, comedian Alex Camp AKA Cdogg, DJ’d for one of the last times before leaving Tokyo and played a lively set of timeless tunes from mixed genres.
Alejandro set the music temperature to perfect plus we had John Meian again and as usual it was wunderbar. But wait! What a pleasure it was to have KuroDeko this year; new and enhanced yet still so retro. They played two sets: the first an intimate one, the second quite vivacious – both very 80s nostalgia-provoking. You can read more about it in Der Partybericht as well as see the party photos. KuroDeko on my mind!

November, well that just happened. If you haven’t read Der Partybericht for that too, check it out! It was a gas! The Goood Things and some nicely curated DJs came together most exquisitely to render an entertaining event. We also had another Alex, from Germany, but not the same Alex from Germany as before, lol!

It was a year full of many many guests and friends, new and veteran, local and from abroad, while also a year full of burritos – hundreds of them served this year! We are happy to show that you don’t need animal products to produce a tasty product. We are also happy to keep the party and burritos free so that everyone can come to enjoy the fun!


So what’s up next? The 忘年会! This time it’s on a Friday, Friday the 13th to be exact, and it goes all night this time!!!
We will have Yuri Nagahori who has knack for playing making parties and mixing electronic music, and Smooth as Eggs (AKA Coren and Akira) will bless us with their versatile style. Nils is ready to go, Rakim will play again after long time,
and Phil so Good is on board – need I say more?
Ok, well we got Nao Right Now playing talkbox with his band mélange! That’s quite the gift from Santa right there! And do you need something to make up for that holiday we lost in December?
Bam! Laidback CX performing for you! Come and see what all the whoot whooting in Whoville is about! Who’s got the Feuerzangenbowle? We can’t do that actually because of licensing regulations, but I can make you a Le Big Mark with a Feuerzungesoße!

We will start about 10:30pm but even before that there will be DJs playing at Ruby Room and Friday night is always happening. But there is another gift in the stocking: Shizuka & The Peeps on stage playing funk, R&B, soul hits and more!

Free entrance and party, dancing, drinks all night – till 4 or 5am or until Jason decides he is tired (I don’t know if you have ever held a machete, but it becomes a burden after a while!) and makes it a silent night, deadly night hahahaha!


Laidback CX

It happened this year !

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