LAIDBACK CX - NO MONDAI (prod. kwai)

Der Partybericht

It was a first to do a Friday night party and it was delightful to see all the people who can’t come on Thursdays because of certain obligations show up and enjoy the year end revelry. Together with the regular Berliners and all the first-comers, we had a fun pre Yule Tide celebration full of music, drinks, and gregarious spirits just how it should be!
We started about 10:30 with Yuri and her smooth grooves – everyone was feelin festive. Then Laidback CX exploded onto the live stage and had the people jumpin. But it didn’t stop there, for at the stroke of midnight we had special guest DJ SvP from Berlin, which was quite the holiday techno treat. Mélange decorated the stage just right with musical talent galore after that; it was a glorious show!
Next Smooth as Eggs followed by Rakim kept the dance floor hot like Glühwein and gebrannte Mandeln playing a mix of eclectic and classic dance tunes. Nils closed out the night serving up some eurythmic apple pie à la mode at the DJ booth. After that, memory faded into the night hahaha! But it was definitely a jingle bell rockin 忘年会 to put the star on an awesome year of music, party, and fun people coming together.
And oh yeah, Le Big Mark was hung with care into the mouths of many that night – yummy bounenkai burritos with no animal products used!
Also special thanks to Claymint, Shizuka and the Peeps, and Phil so Good for preheating the oven in the evening before the party started. We walked into a room smelling sweet with joy 🙂
2020 is coming quick and it will be a monumental year! Our first party will be the 3rd Thursday of the month as usual, January 16th. Then February will be the lucky number 7th anniversary!
Bands and DJs get in touch – we want you to play in 2020!

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