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- With EZYPT -

There was an energy in the room, perhaps conducted deep in the pyramids, that made this party a blast! There were so many howls and screams echoing between Ezypt and the crowd while the band kept the crowd intently focused on them the whole time with their energetic music, stage presence, and dancing; funky clothing as well! Ezypt even brought a party goer on stage for a their “Ikemen Ranking” 😃 Despite not having a live drummer this time, they were still able to move the whole place.

Again it was a very diverse crowd right from the start and it also seemed like this time half of Europe was there lol! It also looked like we had some guests who were on their way to Rural which was the following weekend. Very intriguing, and beautiful people, all around that further ignited the already present energy throughout the night.

The DJs Bonjour Story played some fun dancy disco beats and after XCL played some tip-top techno keeping people dancing. Yume heated it all up though with a very well guided trip through techno before the band. The stage was set and we all had an arousing time thereafter!

But alas it later thinned out around midnight and no local late night part goers came this time probably on account of the upcoming holiday weekend. However, it was a busy one and the tasty Le Big Mark nourished many that night!

Next month the 3rd Thursday is 10/17 and we will have something splendid, even a bit spooky, set up for you! Will update the website soon with the details!

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