LAIDBACK CX - NO MONDAI (prod. kwai)

Das Party Vorspiel

Gesundheit ! Oh shit, who sneezed ? That’s what it’s been like in 2020. It’s been an unfortunate time for many that’s for sure. And just to think, our Partyvorspiel report at the very beginning of January was so optimistic; the excitement up until then so palpable! Impossible to see, the future is, and this used to be the future; now we demand a better future! July 16th is the 3rd Thursday and we are back with the live band MÉLANGE and some of Tokyo’s local DJs including Yuri Nagahori and Rheinkalk (from 🇩🇪) – free entrance!

You may have seen MÉLANGE at our 忘年会 at the end of last year, where they funked up the place. This Japanese band plays their own jam renditions of pop, funk, and rock songs while the talk box speaks so sweetly in tune. Check them out!

You probably have seen Yuri playing at many parties around town including Haus it Feelin’? and the parties that she hosts: Shibuya International and Roundabout. Needless to say, she has got tracks to the max!

And you may have scene Rheinkalk on the drums in Bohrmaschine, but he also plays some dark techno sounds on the decks too. A little taste of Germany right here in Tokyo!

We have decided we will take a break from the free bean burritos for a while for obvious reasons. Hey Covid 19, we can’t dance together! No we can’t talk at all! Well now we can start talking, drinking, and dancing together, but we will wait to serve the bean burritos! We know you don’t just like us for our burritos…right?😉

Get in early for the Happy Hour ¥300 drinks! Party goes late for those with a 金休み!


It happened this year !

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