Der Partybericht

- With KURO DEKO -

Another intoxicating performance by KuroDeko – they are like a Voltron of 80s synth new wave post punk on a modern space mission, incorporating new weapons from more recent times, yet painting themselves in their own colors. The new lion they have added was a nice addition and even without their usual artsy projections, their sounds were enough to whisk you away.
Alejandro (Ale-Alejandro, Ale-Alejandro lol!), the opening/inter-band DJ, has such great taste in music and he played versatile sets. C-dogg pumped up the dance party vibe after the band playing some rare and classic hits. John Meian brought the Berlin to Berlin with some alternate techno tracks and some dedicated techno heads. All in all, it was a quieter night than usual (rain is a real bane in the aspirations of musicians and party organizers), yet many of the people who came in the beginning stayed the whole time with waves of people joining throughout the night – isn’t that a good party? As always the Ruby staff were cool, fun, and friendly, and it was great to see Germans and Japanese, Vegans and vegetarians, hip hop fans and indie rockers, men and women, old and young, alternative and sexy all hanging out together. By midnight it had quieted down – then we got a surprise appearance from none other than Katohmy! Unfortunately I had to leave soon after so I’m not sure what musical revelry ensued however it was good to see/hear him behind the decks again. And Le Big Mark was popular that night! Even though I made extra this time, all the burritos were still eaten up.
See you next month on 11/21 with some old friends gracing the stage! Also! Mark your calendars because the bounenkai will be on Friday December 13th all night long baby (instead of Thur 12/19)!!!

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