LAIDBACK CX - NO MONDAI (prod. kwai)

Der Partybericht

It is foresight 2020 here in Tokyo and we at Berlin Party are well excited for all the events. Year of the Rat, the first of the Chinese zodiac animals, it fittingly represents the beginning of a new day. With that said, our first party of this year was a harbinger of good fortune!
It started out slow, analogous to January, but soon the dance floor was galvanized. First Nils and his little sister played some fun tracks to entertain the early Berliners. After that we had the band Alter Ego and their experimental sound was engaging. They were cool and laid back but had some potent songs. Hooray for the Japanese indie scene!
Then DJ Superglou was like an Olympic disco thrower! The air was vibrant and the room full; the dance floor calling out, “oh please, tread on me!”
Incarnated Sound reincarnated that energy into a “high tension” with his live set on the stage. His subliminal message in his earth-voyaging, culture blending trip was: my name is Emilio Hortl, you came to Berlin, prepare to dance!
People kept coming in and enjoying the party as it got later. Rundfunk, back in Tokyo, had a pleasant display of tunes he has picked up in his time away. You could tell he was excited to be on the decks and we were all gingered up by the dynamic and ethnic mixes.
People continued to play on and drink even after Nils and I left (and you can too! Usually after 1am it’s open DJ until the morning – just keep it in tune with the venue: techno, disco, rock, hip hop, house all cool).

Nächste Halt: Berlin Siebte Jubiläum! Yep, it will be our 7th anniversary – more good fortune! We will have some nice things on February 20th at Ruby Room in Shibuya. Stay tuned to our website for the pre-party report coming soon!

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