Strip Joint - Like A Storm

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- with Strip Joint -

Ruby Room filled up early in anticipation of Strip Joint’s performance last Thursday and they didn’t disappoint. They put on a stunning performance and conjured the dead souls for Obon.
This time they had seven members which included a keyboardist and trumpet player. It added an extra element to their wall of sound. Judging by the response of the crowd, I think we can say they enjoyed it. It’s great to see young Japanese artists with so much spirit!
A friend of the band DJ Riku warmed up the party with his minimal tech house sounds on vinyl. Good stuff!
After the band it was dance time! J Dog spent his last night in Tokyo playing a fun mixed genre set and then Rheinkalk (member of Bohrmaschine) had lots of minimal techno records to mix up to our delight.
Unfortunately the supply of Le Big Mark burritos went dry kind of early: lots of people and tasty stuff!
Many drinks were had and many new connections were made – a nice mix of people too with many travelers. Not sure what time the party went until (yeah, lots of drinks lol!), but it was pretty late.
Don’t forget to check out the pics!

The 3rd Thursday of September is 9/19, so see you then for the next party. We will be posting the info on the band, plus tracks, and DJs soon. Stay tuned!

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