Black Beauty - the devils and libido

Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin!

Remember that time when Catholics and Protestants killed each other for like 30 years? Of course, there were other factors involved, but I still remember being in European History class and wondering wtf?! Dude, it’s the same god and book and stuff!

Wait! Let’s pause for a second for a Trigger Alert!!!! Just like my teacher said at that time: if you feel offended, feel free to go outside. Back to the regular scheduled program! Of course, all of those wars are in addition to all the other atrocities carried out in the name of Christianity against people of other religions. Too political? Hey, I’m just stating what actually happened. What a fun story though! I guess some people just never stop believing in Santa Claus. I remember talking to a colleague back in Germany. It was around Karneval and I was planning on going to Düsseldorf or Köln to enjoy the festive occasion. I mentioned something about the traditionally Catholic areas probably being boring and that maybe the Protestant areas were better (btw Germany is not what you would call a practicing religious country). She said, “Doch!“ It was the contrary. She told me protestants try to be good all the time in their daily lives whereas the Catholics let loose and then say sorry later. I just laughed (and Jesus wept). It made sense, however. In America, there were/are plenty of people who claim to be Christian/Catholic, yet engage in evil acts. We are all sinners and the devil is always tempting us, right? Just make sure you repent before you die or before you go to sleep. The beast is under your bed, in your closet (pray that gay away), in your head! But you had better hurry up because good ol’ JC is bringing sacred back, yeah! That’s right like Debbie said, the man from Mars is coming. Hang the DJ Wednesday night in Rapture!

Probably you have heard about the newish house of the holy Dogenzaka Church (or the Church). An old DJ/organizer friend Mr. Arata Nakamura has a night every Wednesday at both Dogenzaka Cafe and The Church. Salvation is free! It’s the end of the world and we know it, so let’s feel fine with good tunes and drinks (did anyone else think Michael Stipe said “I’ve got my Sprite?). Starts at 8 pm at both locations. Jesus at the altar from 10:30 with some bread (vegan), wine, and glorious hymns!

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