Der Partybericht


One did not need a crystal ball to know that it would be a spirited night!

Aalephant (aus DE) opened the party with mystical sounds and stimulated the conversable atmosphere that we like to have early in the evening. Later he would shift gears to offer up something different on a par with a techno festival for his second set.

Sunfish treated us to some funky grooves and Beto even sang some songs in Japanese while also playing keys and guitar. People were digging the creative tunes. Ruby was getting busier; at the same time burritos were materializing in the hands of the crowd. Fun event status already achieved! But the story doesn’t end there, for Nils was up next with a barrel of beloved BPMs, which beckoned the Berliners zum Tanzen (nee, nich bumsen lol!). He has always possessed an ear for aesthetic value.

Next was The Goood Things and oh brother had it been a looong time! Not to our surprise, the dance floor was full of people a boppin’ and a shakin’ in an instant. Their songs are so well written they stick in you like steely sweet butter knives even a year after hearing them last. Smiles and happy faces singing songs for the whole set – all positive indicators that a fun time was had!

Katohmy officially slayed the dance dragon just after. He read the air very clearly playing that hot remix of Can’t Get No Satisfaction as his initial song and continued to keep the high energy mixes going for the next hour. He is gonna make you sweat every time you hear him. Aalephant made his Rückkehr and transformed the place into a mini Mayday festival. Enchanting melodies and deep bass beats filled the room for the technocrats to relish. The Elders upon the mountain were pleased.

After all that, I guess it wasn’t a case of too much, rather, one of too little as it seemed Nils couldn’t get that satisfaction and proceeded to play a late night set too. Let the music continue! It was a hunky-dory evening all around!

Stay tuned for das Partyvorspiel for our 忘年会 on a special date: Friday December 13th from 11pm! That’s right, it won’t be the 3rd Thursday this month; instead a rare chance to have Berlin on a Friday night. If Thursdays can be fun, what will Friday have in store? Well we know so far two bands and a strong DJ line up for sure!

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