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Das Party Vorspiel

Seven years ! Unglaublich ! We started this party with the intent of making Thursday great again and opening up Tokyo to a different kind of party. Free party on a weekday with an eclectic mix of music and people! And not just 4 or 5 people – a full house till late!
We started with tacos, when nobody had tacos in Shibuya. We evolved into veggie burritos for various reasons and we are still one of the only parties serving anything like that and it’s still all free !
We have been showcasing a variety of live performers spanning the genres over the years. Take a look on our FB page or our website to see the years of talent!
As for DJs, we have had some greats. Generally the theme is techno or tech house, but sometimes disco, house, hip hop, or weird indie stuff because well music is wunderbar and there is so much good stuff out there.
Ruby Room has been a real blessing! Cool staff with eclectic tastes in music and style. No grumpy bartenders or overpriced drinks there! Fun atmosphere and nice sound at this little gem just steps away from Shibuya station.
And yes, again, it’s all for FREE at Berlin! Don’t confuse that with low quality or a lack of value though – just take a look, it’s in a book! Very talented performers have been guests at our party and those in the know come to party with everyone on a Thursday.
2020 is going to be crazy, so get ready!

For the anniversary we will shake it up a bit. Pedestrianism, a fun and magnetic singing duo making waves recently, will be pleasing the crowd. It’s Kurt Cobain’s birthday, so Endless Nameless will be covering Nirvana songs with finesse.
DJs Aoi (she got the tunes and style), Rio (oh damn, he good!), and FLED (there is no way you have not seen this guy in Tokyo – a master of the arts!) are playing plus Ryosuke from Ezypt will make a guest appearance! After 1am, not sure what will happen but that’s part of the fun 🙂
All we are saying is give Thursday a chance! You will have fun, see interesting performers, hear quality music, meet influential people, and excite your taste buds without animal products!
We are proud to be unique and cutting edge and we wear the badge of Berlin with honor right here in the heart of Shibuya!


Endless Nameless

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